Thermal Bypass Evaluation & Reduction

Plan Review
Awareness of thermal bypass (holes in the building that allow the passage of air in and out of a building) and thermal bridging (high conductivity materials bypass the thermal insulation creating a short circuit between the interior and exterior of a building) is part of most certification programs and is a very important to the efficiency and durability of any building, commercial or residential. If you are building new or doing an extensive remodel, we can review your plans and indicate where you are most likely to have issues with thermal bypass and bridging. If desired, we can help you enhance your building plans, create a plan for in-field implementation, and perform thermal bypass inspections.

Subcontractor Training
edi offers an 8 hour program for subcontractor training which is specific to the LEED for Homes program and allows 1additional point to be earned. This green building implementation program can be customized to your needs and does not need to be part of any certification program.

Envelope Sealing
Air leakage is a significant cause of energy loss in almost all buildings. edi evaluates and tests buildings of any type up to 20,000 sq. ft. for air leakage in the building shell. We will bring in a company to complete the air sealing work or write the work scope so that you can hire your own contractor. In either case, we are available for post-testing as well so you can have confidence that you are getting what you paid for from the air sealing contractor.