Tax Rebates and Incentives

If there is an incentive available (tax rebate, tax credit or refund) for your project, we will help you find it. In most cases we provide you with the necessary documentation and in some cases we can facilitate the process.

New Mexico Sustainable Tax CreditClick here for more info
edi can assess potential benefits and compliance requirements and assist in establishing cost/benefit scenarios for the New Mexico tax credit. Using simulation software we can model the building to make recommendations to optimize energy performance and meet the established energy target. edi can enter the data to be used for LEED Certification and as part of the submission report to the State.

Utillity Rebate SubmittalClick here for more info
We offer a full analysis of federal, state, and local incentives with every project.  As a Trade Ally under PNM’s energy efficiency rebate program we can facilitate owner rebates based on building energy savings. Our services include assessment of energy reduction targets, recommendations for compliance strategies and preparation of the rebate submittal application.

City of Albuquerque Green Path Permit Submittal
edi works with the city to determine project specific requirements for submittal. We assemble application submittals and ensure that the required information is provided in the construction document set. Participation in the program facilitates the design and construction of energy efficient buildings and allows for expedited permitting and reduction in impact fees.

Green Building Executive Order Compliance for NM State Projects
edi can determine the impact of the Governor’s Executive Order and compliance requirements. Using the EPA Energy Target Finder, the CBECS Survey data and other historical data, we determine the baseline (energy target) for the project. We model the building in simulation software and recommend modifications to the building envelope, lighting plan and mechanical systems to optimize energy performance and meet the established energy target. edi prepares and submits a report to the General Services Department to ensure compliance with the 50% energy reduction requirement.