First Green Bank details

First Green Bank headquarters, located in Eustis, FL, has been certified at the Platinum level for LEED for New Construction.  The design goal was to create a building to be a model project exemplifying environmentally sustainability becoming a living example to educate and influence its bank constituents and the community on green building.

The brand new 12,000 square-foot headquarters building is designed to be at least 44% more energy efficient than comparable buildings. It is also designed to be extremely water efficient and has taken almost every measure possible to reduce the environmental impact on the local hydrology.

The facility expects to see a savings of approximately 54,000 gallons of potable water per year when compared to a similar building of typical construction (79% reduction) and has reduced the post development storm water runoff rate to be below pre-development.

A unique feature incorporated into the design of the building is the use of an interior living wall system that is approximately 320 sf.  This vegetated wall will be placed directly in front of the return air for the mechanical unit providing air for the atrium. This will allow the mechanical system to distribute the clean oxygenated air throughout the building while at the same time taking the humidity produced by the plants out of the air.

Emphasizing energy-efficiency and water conservation while utilizing recycled and healthy building materials, both the interior and exterior of the building were meticulously planned to minimize environmental impact during construction as well as over the long term. The goal was to fuse form and function in the design of the headquarters, and a great deal of time and thought went into achieving that synergy.

Building a LEED® Platinum project is no simple task especially when local codes and ordinances do not encourage green building. “The number of obstacles the bank had to overcome to build a LEED® Platinum project is a testament to their commitment to changing the built environment” said EDI Principal, J. Stace McGee.  “They are providing the extraordinary leadership for more companies to leave a positive legacy.”