Environmental Dynamics, Inc. (edi) is an architecture firm dedicated to leveraging our knowledge in the field of architecture with the goal of designing structures that give back more than they consume.

A recognized leader in ecologically appropriate architecture, edi believes in working collaboratively throughout the design process to maximize positive impact on our climate and our communities while providing our clients with high-quality, well-designed, high-performance and aesthetically pleasing buildings. Our design excellence has earned us awards and acclaim across the country and overseas. Known for our expertise in sustainability, our design and consulting services include a multitude of green building attributes, including team education, site planning, materials research and selection, energy assessment, water conservation and reuse, construction waste management, recycling, building operations and providing organizations with the resources necessary to adopt green practices. Our integrated design approach, along with our extensive knowledge in the green building field successfully guides our clients to attain environmental, economic, and health & wellness goals.

From edi’s inception, sustainable design has been the foundation of our work. At edi you will find a diverse group of individuals unified by a common goal of going beyond what is ordinary. For us, every project is a chance to put our principles into practice. Every day presents an opportunity to define what it means to be green and regenerate our environment.